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Evanesce New York Le Lift Instant Face Lift – Does It Get The Job Done?


Do you Know Enough about Evanesce New York Le Lift Instant Face Lift?

Looking older than your actual age or the signs of aging protruding on the face is a common problem. More than 60% of people between 30 years to 55 years look older than their age. The only way they think of to eradicate this issue is by going under the knife or burning a hole in their pocket for exclusive treatment. Yes, this certainly is one way, but not the only; now there is Evanesce New York Le Lift Instant Face Lift.

This is healthy + inexpensive + guaranteed method to look younger instantly, that too at home. Sounds like derma MAGIC, it actually is! So, get to know more about this product in details.

Evanesce New York has done a thorough research on this subject matter of instant face lift and finally came up with a pack of ingredients that reflect visible changes in skin texture in minutes.

Which ingredients make this ‘an instant facelift’ product?

Firstly, it is important to know about the different constituents which include the following:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid – This helps to moisturize the dermal layer and increases water retaining In turn, it acts as a primary binding agent and protects the skin from drooping.
  2. Retinol – It is an active form of Vitamin A which is a tested ingredient to reduce signs of aging. For years dermatologists are researching on it, and they most certainly have come up with substantial evidence that retinol indeed removes fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. Vitamin C: There are several benefits of vitamin C like anti-aging, initiating collagen production, anti-bacteria, etc.
  4. Vitamin E: This is a protector for dermal layers. It not only reduces the signs of aging but also helps in slowing the aging process.
  5. UV protection: It is important to save the skin from getting sun burned and tanning.
  6. Collagen oligopeptide: It is THE MAGIC ingredient that makes Evanesce New York Le Lift Instant Face Lift, a standout product.

Collagen oligopeptide is the ‘better’ collagen for your skin. The molecules of collagen, in general, are quite significant, and it cannot penetrate the skin layers easily. Even when this gets absorbed, it never reaches to the inner layer cells that help in rejuvenating facial skin. This means normal collagen will not be effective.

After a research of Transdermal Delivery Breakthrough was conducted by some renowned dermal expert, they came up with Collagen oligopeptide which is around 30 times smaller than normal collagen molecules. Hence, it can easily penetrate to the inner layers of the skin and resulting in an instant lift of dermal layers.

This is the science behind creating a successful instant cream for a facelift.



How to use the facelift cream?

It is a simple 3 step procedure.

Step 1# Cleaning

It is important to clean the face with lukewarm water and a mild face wash. It removes the dust from the upper layer of skin.

Step 2# scrub for 60 sec

Scrubbing at least 3 times a week is a healthy habit (also, there are daily scrubs available too). It helps in clearing skin pores from dust and prepares the dermal layer to penetrate cream/ moisturizer properly.

Step 3# Application of Le Lift

Take few pearl drops of the cream and apply it on the target areas with a dabbing motion. Apply it on dark circles, fine lines, skin folds, and areas where you want the skin to tighten. After this, it is a short wait of 120 seconds…. Voila! The skin will visibly tighten and appear rejuvenated.

**Don’t rub or massage the cream too much!

5 reasons why this is a better facelift product

  1. Tested and approved

All the products by Evanesce New York go through tough inspections before hitting the market. Even Le Lift is medically tested and approved; hence, it not only guarantees a facelift but also has no side effects involved.

  1. Cost effective

This product is much cheaper compared to other facelift procedures. 10 sachets will cost around $50 maximum. Moreover, online ecommerce sites are selling these products at a much cheaper rate.

  1. No painful procedure

Going under the knife is never an easy procedure. Facelift can be done using injections, laser and of course by surgical procedures. However, this cream will let your skin stay tightened without bruising or causing any pain.

  1. Takes very less time

After all, there is a reason it’s known as ‘Instant face lift’!

  1. Suitable for a broader age group

From mid-twenties, everyone can use this cream. There is no maximum age limit. The only thing is, the result will vary from person to person depending on their age and skin condition.

  1. Easy availability

This cream is taking the derma industry by storm. For this, it is available in online ecommerce site (as mentioned above), spas and salons, derma stores and other places.

These are some of the top must-mention benefits of using this product. However, there according to Evanesce New York Le Lift Instant Face Lift review by derma specialists, amidst the pool of benefits, there are few cons to know about.

Some not so positive points

Though it is leading the market with its several benefits, there are few points to note:

Firstly, it has instant efforts and not permanent. It will give you a quick result but not retain the result for long enough.

Secondly, it wears out within 6 hours. This means you cannot expect the same young look that you had in the morning after applying the cream to last until the evening.

Thirdly, the application needs to be done frequently. Suppose someone is going out for a party for an entire day, that person needs to apply it twice to keep the look thrice intact.

Fourthly, a psychological effect. This might sound vague but true. As per beauty experts, a person’s psychology is deeply affected by their appearance. When one is using this cream for instant facial lift, they are visualizing a younger self, and it improves their emotional state. As soon as the effect wears out, there is a point of panic in them, and they tend to overuse the cream.

However, it is only 1 out of 10 people who suffer from this problem, so there is not much to worry about this particular effect.

The dermal experts of this company are working on the drawbacks, and they are trying to improve the lasting effect of a facelift for a longer period.

What will make the effect better?

  • Do not use it on wet
  • For the best results, it is important to maintain a daily facial regime – cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
  • Always apply a liquid base foundation before applying any heavy makeup using Le Lift Instant Face Lift.

People’s take –

Ever since the product was launched in the market, it created a lot of buzzes and all for good reasons. This is very suitable for both men and women, and till now users have not faced any problem. According to the best Evanesce New York Le Lift Instant Face Lift review sites, this product has bagged 4.8 out of 5.

Now, looking younger is just 2 minutes away!


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