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What Is Cryotherapy? Does Cryotherapy Really Work?



The body needs continuous care in life to stay healthy and young. People often do not realize how important it is to practice therapies in order to improve their energy levels. Cryotherapy is a very well known therapy to improve sleep, reduce inflammation, improve brain health and recover from skin problems. Cryotherapy is also used for treatment of tissue damage which helps in improving various functions of the body. The therapy uses extremely low temperatures to carry out the medical practice in a cryotherapy chamber. The chambers are filled with liquid nitrogen which provides the subzero temperature for pain relief and good health. Although people may find it crazy going into a tiny room with temperature -110 degree Centigrade, it is worth a try for improving health in many ways. People may also cure jet lag through it and also lose weight with the effective therapy.

How does Cryotherapy Work?

Cryotherapy is one of a kind therapy working with lowest temperatures in a tiny room to let the patient in. Although not many spa saloons are offering the therapy, the ones having the facility are getting hype. The therapy can be described as a science fiction scene happening inside a chamber of extreme cold. The spa goers need to strip down and are given gloves, socks and shoes for safety. An attendant guides all through the therapy so as to help people understand what goes on with their body during the therapy. This therapy was first originated in Japan for treating arthritis, aging and skin problems. Now it is showing its amazing results to people in U.S too. The working technique of the therapy involves the low temperature of skin through liquid nitrogen being filled in the cryotherapy chamber. The client is not in direct contact with liquid nitrogen which ensures safety. The therapy session lasts for about two or three minutes in which the skin reacts to cold and brain senses the change. Brain gets stimulated through cold and starts regulating other functions of the body to work on their full potential. In the whole process, toxins are flushed out of the body through tissues and blood is nourished with oxygen and essential nutrients. Athletes benefit from the therapy as blood is regulated all over the body in process repairing muscles thereby enhancing health. Most people undergoing the therapy get positive results however the results may vary from person to person. After the therapy, body temperature goes back to normal and nourished blood again flows back to the parts during process called vasodilation.

The whole body cryotherapy involves every part in the therapy under extreme cold temperatureto induce big changes in the body. Cold affects the body parts and makes blood flow to the vital organs to save other parts from extreme cold. Cold makes the immune system to reduce inflammation thereby empowering the system altogether. The feel good hormones come into action as a result of several activities carried out by the blood and immune system. The therapy improves muscle strength and reduces pain altogether. The therapy is known to heal the overall system from several issues being faced by clients. People undergoing the therapy for basic needs such as improved sleep and improved moods will experience quick results as compared to people trying to treat a certain condition.

What are the Benefits of Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is known to benefit people with chronic health conditions such as arthritis, cancer and autoimmune disorders. Whole body cryotherapy has been beneficial in reducing the painful symptoms associated with such diseases according to many researches. Although the therapy is not known since ages, it is becoming famous in U.S after China and Japan for its beneficial properties.


Cryotherapy is beneficial for reducing inflammation and anxiety. People may benefit greatly with the therapy and thereby improve their mood and nervous system. The therapy communicates with every part of the body and leaves medications behind when it comes to treatment. People have improved their energy levels as a result of cryotherapy which is a positive thing.

Improved Metabolism

Improved performance levels can only be achieved when the metabolism is working right. Metabolism is correlated with our energy levels which are greatly improved through the therapy session. Blood is enriched with the essential nutrients and rushes back to organs to make them perform better. Whereas muscles regain strength and can perform immediately after the therapy as they do not need any time for recovery. After a session, hundreds of calories are burnt which makes us lose weight too. Moreover, the body needs extra energy to reheat when it regains its normal temperature making it work faster.

Happy Hormones Released

Our mood is affected by hormones in our body which fluctuate all day long. A session of cryotherapy activates the happy hormones to make us feel good. Many people opt for the sessions for this reason alone and feel great changes in their moods.

Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic fatigue has a way out with cryotherapy sessions. The relief may be felt for hours or days depending on the type and condition faced. The results of the sessions depend on every individual’s condition.

Collagen Boost

Regular sessions allow for collagen boost thereby reducing wrinkles, improving skin texture and reducing cellulite. The skin’s surface is improved in many ways through cryotherapy sessions to follow up with regular treatments. Many other benefits are linked to the above mentioned advantages resulting from the therapy. People have felt relaxed after having sessions as the pleasant feel lasts for days and even weeks.


The innovative therapy is an effective method of treating many health issues. Although the therapy may have a couple of sessions to treat conditions, they all should be worth the results to be experienced. The subzero temperature does wonders for people struggling with health conditions or simply waiting to have relaxed moods. People often go for such sessions to overcome their jet lag and finally feel good after a session. Cryotherapy is definitely worth a try if you want to experience something good to see good outcomes too.


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