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How To Take Care Of Dehydration? Causes and Treatments


DEHYDRATION – What are the Causes and Treatments

Dehydration is termed as the condition in which body loses more water than its consumption. Such a condition may occur due to many reasons including sweating, infections, flu or upset stomach. Dehydration may become serious if the body loses water continuously without enough water intakes to cover up for the loss. The condition is more common in infants as they need more water than food intake and their body is prone to viruses. For adults, there may be several reasons for dehydration to take place such as intense workouts, exposure to extreme hot weathers, or simply drinking less water.

There are symptoms associated with every health condition and so should people take note of every change in their body resulting from any activity carried out. The most common symptoms of dehydration may include fatigue, nausea, dark urine or thirst.

What Causes Dehydration?

Although it is very common for our body to lose water as sweating, crying, peeing or breathing, it should not take place more than usual. Our body quickly replaces the water loss when we have water intake through foods or fluids. However in case of extreme loss of water, the body is unable to cover up the loss without aid. Dehydration should be treated as soon as possible so as to cover up for the loss and not let the body suffer from other issues. The causes that may cause dehydration are fever, vomiting, sweating, peeing, viruses, or diarrhea. Even some medicines known as water pills cause the body lose more water than usual through peeing. It is therefore important to take control of the body and let not lose more water than normal. It is so common with people to not drink enough water during their daily routine as they do not realize their thirst or are very busy. Often we do not feel like drinking water as the stomach feels full or we are sick but it is important to have the normal water intake human needs.

What are the Symptoms of Dehydration?

Dehydration may be mild or severe depending on the water loss occurred. The cause also will be an indicator of how severe the condition may become. Symptoms of dehydration are easier to identify and should give an idea of how it is to be treated. The first indicator of which can be thirst which will alarm people to drink enough water to let the body not suffer through dehydration. Other symptoms may include dry sin, headaches, muscle cramps, dark colored urine, sticky mouth, dizziness, fainting, rapid breathing, sleepiness, disturbed heartbeat, fatigue, or sunken eyes.

The symptoms will give an idea about the degree of severity of condition. It is recommended to consult doctor if the symptoms persist for longer than usual or are hard to live with. Infants are often suffering from dehydration as their body needs more water than adults. The symptoms for babies may however be different from those of elder people. Babies will have no tears when crying if they are suffering with dehydration. They have a dry mouth, dry diapers as they will not pee often, irritability in their mood, soft spot on their skull, and sunken eyes.

Who is at Risk of Dehydration?

People at risk include athletes as they have intense workouts not letting the body to consume enough water to cover up for the loss. People suffering from diabetes or adrenal gland disorders will also be at risk as their body needs to pee more often than normal people. Moreover, people in their old age are also known to suffer from dehydration as they do not much water too. Drinking more water in every case has certainly helped people prevent such a condition and also helped with their health issues.

How to Treat Dehydration?

Dehydration may be easily treatable in most cases for people as it needs fluid intake. The body responds well to the first aid for some people when they are dehydrated whereas other people may also need other remedies or medicines. Stress is also known to cause dehydration in people and so are these factors necessary to be eliminated from routine to get better results of the treatment. Also some causes such as women’s periods cause their body to lose water but this cause will not take long for the body to take over the loss it suffered from.

Treatments will depend on the symptoms faced by an individual with the cause behind the condition. The body needs plenty of water intakes to cover up for the loss through excessive sweating, peeing, or vomiting. In severe cases of dehydration when the patient also suffers from other health issues, doctor’s consultation is highly recommended. Such a condition may become worse if left untreated or not treated well. Medicines are also liable to cause water loss from the body for diabetic patients and however they cannot leave their medicines, they should go for alternatives. Drinking plenty of water has always been of help in all health conditions as the body flushes out toxins from the body through it. The first and most important step is to increase water intake no matter how busy is the daily routine. Water will make the body energized with a fresh look over the face.

Moreover, treatments for viruses should be carried with a specialist’s advice as the water loss should not continue to worsen the condition if left untreated. Dehydration is a very common condition to suffer with although if left untreated it can become worse. It can also be treated very easily if taken notice on the right time. Moreover, hot temperatures should be avoided to cause less sweating. Although aged people suffer more from high temperatures, they should be taken care of and given special care.

Fluid replacement can be made through mouth or intravenous fluids for people as the first measure. However, medicines should be used for treating flu, vomiting and diarrhea. Medical care is only needed when the problem persists and the patient feels lethargic or confused.




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