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All About Hair Loss


Hair loss may refer to the male pattern baldness affecting both males and females. This may happen due to nutritional deficiencies, heredity or hormonal imbalances which ultimately results in hair loss. The severity of deficiencies may also result in total hair loss from the scalp or body. Hair thinning is also related to this problem which weakens hair from roots and may be a side effect of medications. Many treatments options are available for hair loss depending on the causes associated to it.


Hormonal Imbalances
Some medical conditions may lead to hormonal imbalances which then cause hair loss. Hormones linked to hair problems may be thyroid or androgens. Malfunctioning of any of the hormones may cause hair to become weak and fall off. Patchy hair loss is a different medical condition known as alopecia which occurs because of the immune system failure.

Side Effects of Medications
Health problems may cause hair to fall off quickly because of drugs taken for functioning organs properly. High blood pressure and heart problems need patients to take medications having multiple side effects. Moreover radiation therapy causes hair fall which may not grow as before because of excessive radiation suffered by the hair follicles.

Heredity Causes for Hair Fall
Family history of hair loss is also a common cause of hair related problems suffered at different ages. This cause is easier to predict the underlying root cause of baldness in men or women as family genes play the part in it.

What are the Symptoms of Hair Loss?
Hair loss may not occur all of a sudden in any case except for radiation therapies. Gradual hair thinning followed by scalp baldness is the most common way it starts for most people suffering from hair loss. Depending on the underlying cause, treatments may be available for various symptoms.

Hair Thinning
Hair thinning happens gradually in men and women beginning from the forehead and preceding towards back of the head. This type of baldness resembles M letter where the center of head has few hair than the rest of the head. The empty part or thin hair part on the scalp keeps broadening if left untreated.

Patchy Baldness
Patchy baldness is a type of hair loss with coin sized bald spots all over the head. This type of hair loss is also for the eye brows and beards. Hair loss also occurs in circular patterns becoming itchy in some cases.

Stress Related Hair Loss
Stress causes the hair to fall off quickly without any other major causes being diagnosed. This is actually known as the loosening of hair which causes hair to fall off even by gentle touch. Stress will also cause hair thinning and patches all over the head which is a serious issue for most people. Tensions and stress related problems have occupied people so much that most often they complain about hair loss suffered because of it. Psychological issues play the major role for hair loss these days as people suffer from work related stress and problems associated with family.

There are various treatments available for hair loss depending on the cause. Severity of hair fall can occur if treatment is delayed or not followed properly. Medications and surgery are the most common treatments for recovering from hair loss and prevent further damage. Damage must be treated sooner to avoid permanent damage from occurring or it gets difficult to recover from the loss. Proper diagnoses should be made to manage hair treatment better and resume hair growth.

Medications Prescribed for Hair Loss
Non prescription medications are available over the counter to help with male pattern baldness. These medicines are in a liquid or foamy form to be rubbed onto the scalp to let hair growth be resumed. Some people may be allergic to such medicines as the skin may react adversely to the solution rubbed onto it. Many hormonal modulator medicines may also prove to be helpful in retaining hair growth and also preventing further hair damage. Hormonal imbalance is the easiest cause to be prevented so as to save hair from falling. Hormonal check is a must for both men and women as most people suffer from it as they age. Also, nutritional deficiencies may disrupt hormone effect on the immune system which may result in hair loss from the scalp or body.

Surgery for Hair Transplant
Many people opt for hair transplant as a quick remedy for permanent hair loss. A surgery will help hair grow back on the affected areas on scalp. Transplanted hair may need extra care as they have been grown artificially and nothing beats nature. Plugs are taken from back of scalp and planted into the affected areas to make scalp look full of hair. Still, not many people opt for hair transplantation as it may not be suitable for everyone.

Most often people search for natural remedies for strengthening hair and filling up the nutritional deficiencies. Natural treatments may include hair masks to nourish hair from the roots or natural ingredients included in diet plan to nourish the body. Men and women may face different problems leading or hair loss in different ages depending on various causes. Both will need a balanced nutritional diet plan to treat hair loss fully. The body requires every nutrient in order to work properly and we often do not get the nutrients through food these days. Avoid processed foods as much as possible so that the body is not deprived of nutritional values. This will help the immune system to function properly and recover from any deficiencies in future. Vitamin deficiencies may be prevented with a vitamin supplement which helps a great deal with hair loss. However, it is preferable to use any supplement with a doctor’s prescription so as to avoid any adverse reactions.

Also, hair masks should be regularly used by women especially to nourish scalp and avoid hair dryness or weakening of roots. This will help hair to look ever young and with hair growth on backup with old hair falling off. Hair loss is not easy to deal but people should at least know how to deal with simple hacks to prevent big damage.


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