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Organic Foods-Whats it all about?


Organic Foods

Organic foods are the food grown with standards being maintained at required levels. Organic farming standards vary around the world for different farming practices to be carried out on different scales. Organic products are grown with care restricting any usage of fertilizers in the field of farming. Fertilizers are known to enhance the production of products saving time and energy but the resulting product is a non organic product which is ultimately not good for health. Healthy food is always the one grown in an organic field free of pesticides and fertilizers being used. Organic foods are also considered safer than any other food because the standards are taken great care of. The nutritional values are also safe and more qualitatively measured for the organic foods as they will provide much for health compared to the non organic foods. Better choices lead to a better health which is ultimately going to help out for many other health issues.

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What is Organic food?

Healthy eating is always a recommendation for people all around the world to avoid as many health issues as one can to remain healthy and fit for longer time. The term organic is free of additional products added for production of crops so as to promote healthy production? The standard requirements should be met for healthy production of crops. Agriculture takes into account both ways of farming to produce crops in an organic way as well as with imported fertility options using fertilizers and artificial growth assisted products. Artificial ways do not have an effect as the natural ways have as the nutrition values fail with assisted techniques. Nothing beats nature and this goes true for farming as well. Technology can never advance in a way nature plays its role and this is why organic food has always been in demand and further will have a greater demand.

What are the Benefits of Organic Food?

There are various benefits of organic foods which make them a healthier choice over non organic foods. Checking for the label will make sure if the foods are organically grown or not. The labels should be real and not fake ones to get a real understanding of the foods. The benefits of organic foods show plenty of importance of using fresh and better for health foods to keep us fresh and ever young at heart. Organic foods are safer to use as they contain fewer pesticides to harm the health with less antibiotic being injected. Organic meat and farm crops are richer in nutritional values and are considered best for health. Farm fed animals and farm fields have many nutrients hidden overall compared to what non organic foods. All nutrients are wasted by adding artificial products for growth which ultimately turns any food into a non organic food. Non organic food becomes genetically modified by altering the production process of nature. Organic food is free from genetically modified organisms which makes it a healthier choice. Researches show that organic food are better for the environment as there is less pollution created without the use of pesticides. Organically raised farm animals will produce the best milk richer in nutrients and gives greater protection from bacteria.

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Difference between Organic and Non Organic Foods

The researchers have proved how organic foods and non organic foods differ in the benefits provided to the health. Organic foods are grown with highly regulated levels of farming regulated. Locally grown crops are easily handled and have multiple benefits for health and finance. It saves time as less transportation is required with less financial costs. Local food is always fresh, flavor full and cheap to be added to diets. Organic foods are grown with special care but do not need any pesticide use or chemical fertilizers which may only cause harm to health. Healthy foods will always give a healthy perspective to life with many nutritional values being provided. Organic foods will require building a healthy soil for healthy crops to grow with better nutrition to provide. A better soil will nurture plants allow organic farmers to work according to the standards of organic farming to produce the best quality crops.

Risks of Non Organic Foods

Organic food is considered better for health because it is free from pesticides and exposes immune system to lesser problems. Non organic foods pose the immune system to many risks causing troubles for the nervous system. Pesticides are harmful for health as they expose one to chemicals being injected to weaken immune system. Insecticides are the cause of many diseases being suffered from these days. Food grown locally is usually considered safe for the immune system to keep the body functioning well. However, there are non organic foods with less use of pesticides being used. Low pesticide levels are less harmful than any other non organic food grown with high levels of pesticides.

Why to Choose Organic Foods for Better Health?

There are always ways to improve health through diet and lifestyle. Therefore, changes in diet should be considered for a healthier life to stay fit in future. People choose organic foods for better taste, environment safety, chemical avoidance, and better nutritional values being provided. The foods we eat are full of waste and chemically exposed which need to be reduced in daily intake. Increasing organic foods in the diet plan will improve the taste of food amazingly. However, organic foods are taken special care of because of the heavily regulated production systems. Organic production is always a better way to produce healthier crops. There is a difference in natural and all natural foods as they differ in the levels of processing carried out. Naturally raised animals are not fed with any artificial product at all. They are not given any hormones for better and rapid growth. Pasture raised animals are again the ones not raised in confinement which makes them free to move and makes their growth better. Overall, organic is always better than non organic food in every aspect.

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