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What’s So Good About Cauliflower?


The earth has numerous foods to work for health. The healthiest foods contain the most beneficial nutrients to benefit body in various ways. Fitness is what we all strive for and so are these healthy foods essential for all of us. Vegetables and fruits are the most demanded foods to remain healthy and fit in the long run. They provide energy and all vitamins for the body to perform well. Cauliflower is considered to be the world’s healthiest food to contain anti inflammatory, anti cancerous, brain enhancement and heart friendly nutrients. With the numerous benefits known, cauliflower is really famous all over the world and is consumed in different forms. Cauliflower belongs to the family of vegetables including cabbage, kale and broccoli but tastes absolutely different to all those. Cauliflower is consumed in different cuisines to bring unique taste to the prepared dishes. The aroma is unique and so is the taste to try.

Nutritional Values of Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of the healthiest foods of the world and has much to offer from its nutritional values for the body. The benefits achieved from cauliflower’s consumption are well researched to know about how it keeps the body healthy. Generally we all know the vegetable has good properties to help with cardiovascular, diabetic and cancer troubles but we don’t really know the nutrition it offers for the body. A cup of cauliflower contains about 29 calories with zero fat and sugar content. It provides with 73% of Vitamin C daily value which is worth acknowledging for its nutritional power. Providing with the highest percentage of Vitamin C, it will also provide a healthy amount of Vitamin K, folate Vitamin B6, Choline, finer and omega 3 fatty acids. All the values are considerable when we look at the heath point of cauliflower and so is it worth adding in daily diet.
As the amount of calories is very less in a single cup, people may increase the serving to two cups consuming more nutrition rather than calories.

What are the Health Benefits of Cauliflower?

Cauliflower has many vitamins and minerals enriched in small servings. People really enjoy the vegetable as per their wish not taking up more calories even. The heath benefits are huge as compared to what the vegetable looks like in real and can reduce major health complications and its symptoms significantly. Research has revealed the fact that diseases are directly linked to what we eat. There is no exception to unhealthy foods for consumption as they cause worse symptoms in life. Developing cancer can take less or much time to take over the body and can be disastrous for life.

Anti-Cancer Properties

Cauliflower is useful for preventing many diseases including breast cancer, liver and lung diseases. The vegetable has chemo preventive agents to fight against cancer and its tumor cell growth. Tumor cells can be disastrous to health if grown over time and should therefore be prevented. Consuming cauliflower can bring about a change a healthy change in body as the protective chemicals break down inside to fight danger cells.

Cauliflower: Benefits, Nutrition & Recipes

Anti Inflammation Properties

Cauliflower is the simplest solution for many chronic diseases as it helps with various bodily functions. Inflammation is a very common issue nowadays and should be prevented with the healthiest diet possible to stay away from further diseases coming along with it. Cauliflower helps in decreasing the amount of free radicals in body allowing for a healthy environment.

Benefits for Heart and Brain

Cauliflower has been researched for its heart friendly properties with decreased strokes, and neurological disorders. Moreover, it has been proved healthy for diabetic patients with decreased fasting sugar levels. The enriched vegetable with a high percentage of vitamin C is what helps to control cholesterol, lower blood pressure and decrease inflammation in the body. Vitamins also help with allergies and lower their effect on the body. The powerful nutrients can play a big role for health by improving the immune system. The high levels of vitamins and minerals help for various functions and recover the body from many deficiencies becoming a hurdle for well function.

Digestion Aid

Fruits and vegetables are known as a digestion aid in many ways. They are natural ways to let the body absorb healthy nutrients and enhance digestive functions. A healthy diet always plays a role to detox the body and support liver function. The chemical ingredients contained in cauliflower stimulate the enzymes in body which then help with digestion.

Good For Weight Loss

Fitness is the ultimate goal for every individual when he searches for a healthy diet to adopt. A healthy diet plan will always prove beneficial for the system as it helps to absorb nutrition for a powerful immune system. The most exciting part of all is that cauliflower also helps in losing weight. Weight loss is what we all run after in our lives. For many of us it is the most difficult task on earth and has to be fought against with so much patience. As discussed earlier that cauliflower helps in the digestion process, this will also aid in weight loss. The total amount of calories is very less as compared to the serving size with a lot of nutrition contained. This will add to the diet plan benefit as the serving size makes the stomach full and satisfied for longer time.

Balances Hormone Levels

Cauliflower is more of what it seems to be. It is bombarded with nutrients and helps the body work well. The hormone levels are balanced by reducing the unhealthy levels in the body. Hormones help with many functions and regularize the overall system to perform well on daily basis. Therefore it is very important to keep a check on the balance. Cauliflower also has properties for keeping eye health in good condition. It protects the vulnerable tissues and prevents blindness in future.

Cauliflower – A Powerful Vegetable for Life

Cauliflower is enriched with a lot of nutrients to take benefit from. Hence people should add it to their daily diets to consume the nutrients to help prevent many diseases to affect the body.



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