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Pink Shave Review! New Era of Convenient Shaving


Solution to all your hair removal issues| The Pink Shave review!

What is the most hassling issue in a woman’s life? Yes, you got it right- having to remove those unwanted hairs, almost every week! Of course, hair will constantly fall off your head, leaving the strand leaner but those of your arms or thighs will only keep getting back faster. To aid you, here’s an honest Pink Shave review from those who have used it and it will surely simplify your hair removal routine!

Waxing or laser-ing – not happening!

Usually, the most common methods women adopt for effective hair removal is waxing. It claims to leave the skin smooth but when confronted with the question, 7 out of 10 will confess how much they hate visiting the parlor for a waxing session. They are painful and leave ingrown hair follicles, especially in bikini areas.

And those of you considering laser hair removal as the permanent solution; clear this now, it can be detrimental for your skin. You never know when and how it might go wrong because laser is not meant for the ultra-sensitive bikini areas. Additionally, it is a beauty treatment way too costly for any ordinary person to bear.

Pink Shave- Women’s shaving companion today!

Compared to waxing or laser treatment, shaving is the most convenient option. No parlor lady or chemical required- it’s a plain apply-remove-wash technique and you can use it anywhere, anytime!

But if you are still using your man’s razor, you are doing injustice to your skin. Those sharp edged ones are meant for men’s stubborn stubble and not for your soft, delicate skin!

This is where The Pink oh-so-good-and-effective Shave kit is becoming women’s one-stop solution to all their unwanted hair issues. It suffices everything that one needs to get the last inch of hair off one’s beautiful hands or legs or any other body part for that matter of fact.

Why choose this kit? The benefits!

Pink shave review reveals the product as a new age shaving formula that is susceptible to a woman’s sensitive needs. It comes in a complete package including a razor, razor blades, pre shaving foam and serum. The kit can be customized depending upon what a client is looking for.

For example, you can choose only a razor and a serum while your friend would like razor heads, shaving cream and the razor. Apart from ease of buying, this new gen woman’s shaving kit also:

  • Has doorstep delivery options
  • Is 100% skin friendly
  • Is easy and safe to use
  • Comes at inexpensive prices

The shaving kit also has products that are chemical free and go easy on your skin. In the next sections, you will learn more about how it allows women to go all hair-free with a smooth, suave skin!




The pre shaving cream-

Like most women, if you shave without applying any foam or cream, then you are probably injuring your skin texture beyond repair. A female’s skin, being sensitive, is highly prone to cuts and nips that eventually lead to infections.


  1. The surface of any person’s skin hosts around a zillion of bacteria and with razor cuts, you open doors for them to enter and infect your bloodstream.
  2. Also, there is a problem of rashes.

Shaving foams and creams actually act as lubricants that don’t allow the razor blades drive away the essential natural oils from your skin. Therefore, shaving bare skins often lead to the formation of dark patches that leave dull murky appearance.

Pink Shave as women’s shaving cream eradicates all such skin conditions. It has been has been designed essentially keeping in mind the fine texture of female skin in mind. Applying a generous amount of this will prevent all the side effects of other ordinary men’s razors- cuts, bruises, rashes and skin irritation.

Additionally, this shaving cream is replete with essential natural extracts that add nourishment to the skin. It is powered with Vitamin E, Aloe extracts, Shea butter and Tea tree oil. While Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea butter nourish and lubricate the skin, making it moisturized even after shave; Tea Tree oil acts as an antiseptic, leaving no room for infections.

After shave serum-

An after shave serum is equally important for women to use after shaving. It drives away all chances of skin infection and avoids stinginess and redness of the dermal layer.

Sensitive areas like the face or bikini line necessarily need such a serum after you glide sharp blade ends over them. The Bikini Smooth serum is satiated with antiseptics and cooling molecules that soothe the skin, alleviating chances of allergies and maintaining its smooth, natural texture.

Thus, with their pre shave foam and an after shave serum, you are likely to get soft smooth skin.

And the most important thing- a gentle razor!

The kit’s razor blades come with moisturizing strips that are enriched with Aloe Vera, chamomile and grapefruit extracts. Also, the ergonomically designed handle of the razor allows a firm grip and smooth turns.

Besides, these razors have three rows of blades that do not leave a trace of a single hair on the skin. The design is top notch, catering to the delicate needs of inner thighs, bikini area, arms and face.

The makers have designed this to go gentle on the skin, leaving behind silky smooth dermal layer that feels so good to touch!

Great product at a greater price!

Pink club, the revolutionary approach of getting hair-free skin easily, is known for their economical price.  Here’s an approximated list of their pricing for this product.

  • Full kit- $20-$24
  • Razor head- $1-$3
  • Shaving foam- $7-$10
  • After shave serum- $5-$8

Other essential benefits:

Above all, some of the other benefits include –

  • This can be used for the whole body
  • It is certified to have all natural ingredients
  • It works faster and saves time
  • This gives a cooling effect after shaving

Surprise dates and parties come unannounced. So, you might want to be ever ready for some skin show, right? This product can be your right choice considering its features and benefits. Furthermore, Pink Shave review from customer’s end has talk of its reliance and trustworthiness! So, go ahead and steal the show.


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