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The privacy policy compiles all concerned issues regarding how the information of personal identification (PII) is to be used online. Personal identification information can be used for identifying users and their location online by the United States privacy laws and security terms. The privacy policy terms will let the users know and understand how identification information will be used to collect or handle personal information in any case.

A user will be asked for details or email address for registration purpose with the website to improve the experience. Information is collected only for registering purpose which will not be used elsewhere for any other purpose.

How is personal identification information used on the website?

Users will be asked for their email address when they visit the website blogs or any content pages or register on it. Personal information is only asked for registration purpose as the website will use it for customer service improvement. The information may be collected when a user makes a purchase, visits website page, or responds to communicated marketing ads. This will make our customer response better in many ways as we continuously strive to improve our services.

How Is Visitor’s Personal Information Protected?

The website does not use the visitor’s personal information against the PCI standards. Regular scanning ensures safety of the collected information which will not be used elsewhere on the internet. Private Information is not asked unless the users opt to make a purchase from the website.

The website does not use cookies which will ensure the users that the information is not being used for tracking purposes. Moreover, cookies can be checked on personal computers through browsers to be turned off for safety from any website. Cookies are mostly used to track personal information from visitors and can be threat to users. Modifying cookies on regular basis will make the users safe from malware viruses attacking the computers online. Users should also turn off or disable cookies from the settings to make website experience efficient and trouble free. However, some features may not work efficiently if the cookies have been disabled but the online purchases can still be made.

Use of Google Adsense

Google’s principles for advertisements are followed as per the requirements to provide users with a safe and good experience. Google Adsense will make the experience even better in future as the website intends to enable the feature. The website consistently works to make users’ experience better through efficient services and will strive to gain support in future.

California Online Privacy Protection Act

California Online Privacy Protection Act is the first law to make commercial websites have a privacy policy. The state law states that every online service in the United States should attain a personal privacy policy to operate the websites and consume users’ personal information safely. The law makes websites state how and where the personal information collected from users will be used and handled. The users will be made known so as to comply with the privacy policy and keep their data in safe hands.

Website’s Agreement to California Online Privacy Protection Act

According to the California Online Privacy Protection Act, website will agree to the state law as following

Website will allow the users to visit the pages in an anonymous way not letting any collection of personal information from them. The privacy policy will be made visible on the home page of the website so as to let more visitors be ensured about their information being safe on each visit. A link provided for the privacy policy will give easy access to visitors and will be notified if the policy is modified.

How Cookies are disabled to not Track Signals?

The website does not track signals from the visitors if their browser is set to disable cookies. This policy ensures the visitors that their browser settings will be honored by the website. Also the third party tracking is not allowed by the website to take care of user’s safety.

Children Online Privacy Protection Act

The website collects personal information from users under age 13 taking into account the Children Online Privacy Protection Act. The act puts the user’s parents in charge of the information entered. Children must be protected from online services and so is the children online privacy personal act applicable to ensure their safety. The website does not intend marketing for the children specifically although intends to protect them from any harm through online service being provided.

How We Provide Fair Information Practices?

The principles put up by the fair information practices in the United States ensure data protection and play significant role in the privacy policy terms. The concepts make users understand about the information principles to be handled with care and rules to be implemented to protect personal data in every manner.

The website will notify the users through email or letter about any changes made in the principles. Users will have the rights preserved to take action against any data collectors failing to adhere to the principles. Users will also have right to reach court for investigation purposes to prosecute the guilty data processors.

The Can Scam Act

This law provides authority to users to stop any commercial emailing and messaging through marketing agency or website. The recipients will have all rights to take action through the Can Scam Act against violations to put penalty on the senders.

Where is the Personal Information Used?

The personal information is only used for sending queries related to purchase to users. Registration procedure requires the users’ email address in order to respond well in case of sending information or modifications being made. Through the Can Scam Act, website will not use email address falsely neither will it advertise any user’s message or ads. The website will also monitor marketing services to keep the users or visitors safe. We will also honor the users’ request to unsubscribe and allow them using link provided to unsubscribe. Any emails can also be stopped by following instructions provided in the email which will stop the correspondence.


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